Sts Peter and Paul's School Staff

​​​​​All teachers at Sts Peter and Paul's School Staff have qualifications ranging from diplomas, graduate diplomas, graduate certificates and masters degrees in Education, Religious Education, Educational Leadership. All School Officers have a Certificate III or IV in Education. The majority of teachers have current First Aid and CPR qualifications.

20​23 Staff
​Mr Paul Blinkhoff
Assistant Principal 
​Mrs Julia McLean
Assistant Principal - Religious Educaiton ​
​Mrs Sarah Esbensen
​Primary Learning Leader
​Mrs Fran Wallin

​Prep Blue
​Megan Van Dyk
​Prep Green
​Ann-Margaret Shellshear
​Prep Red
​Bronwyn Sikavica
​Prep Yellow
​Jane Stanley

​1 Blue
Katrina Scodellaro and Alana Lancaster
​1 Green
​Mrs Amy Luscombe
​1 Red
Shelley Lee
​1 Yellow
​Carol Bradley

​​2 Blue
​Lisa Young
​2 Green
​Jaye Hensley
​2 Red
Kate Mason
​2 Yellow
Emma Lewis

​3 Blue
​Leigh Dawson and Jo Sobral
​3 Green
​Jenni Young
​3 Red
​Simon Green
​3 Yellow
​Emma Lewis

4 Blue
​Ms Reffeech Box
​4 Green
​Brooke Maguire
​4 Red
​Jackie Vickers
​4 Yellow
​Craig Pattinson

​5 Blue
​Christina Rotondo
​5 Green 
​Mr Mark Stone
​5 Red
​Cynthia Richards

​6 Blue
​Nicole Wilkes
​6 Green
Sheree Shelton and Alysha Limon

​Music & Enrichment
​Carolyn Burchill (Domenique Cacciola)
Alayna Hoffmann (Sem 1 Art - Katie O'Connell)
​HPE & Sport
​Lyndall Conaghan
​Prep Motor Program 
​Lauren Holdt
​Angela Sheehan

​Support Teacher Inclusive Education
Nicole Jones
​Support Teacher Inclusive Education
​Brooke FitzGibbon
​Literacy Enhancement Teacher
​Liz Burge
​Teacher Librarian
​Trish Wilson
​Guidance Counsellor
​Kimberley Bock

​Finance Secretary
​Donna Cowell
​Jenny Williamson
​Lisa Farrugia
Deanna French​

​Workplace Health & Safety
​Kaylene Cooper

​Tuckshop Convenor
​Chris Watt