Camps and Excursions

​Camps from Year 4-6 is an important part of our curriculum. Our staff believe that the experiences children encounter during these events is invaluable and this is why they are prepared to take on the responsibility of the children away from home for these occasions.
Year 4 students engage in a full day camp off site with an outdoor education, problem solving and physical challenge focus. Year 5 experience a 3 day (2 night) camp - usually in a beach setting. Year 6 experience a 4 day (3 night) leadership camp - usually in a bush setting. 

Each camp experience encourages the students to step beyond their current comfort zones to build resilience, team building, problem solving and leadership skills. 

To further develop their knowledge of Leadership and Government, Year 6 also experience a full day Civics excursion to visit Parliament House, the War Memorial and other places or civic importance in Brisbane City.

Cost for Camps are additional to School fees.