Camps and Excursions


watching_tea_246x178.jpgStudents participate in excursions where they develop and enhance understandings of planned units of work. Parents are invited to attend as helpers to assist teachers supervise the children. Due to the importance of the role parents are asked to make special arrangements for their toddlers. Any entry costs are met by the parents if an inordinate number attend. Permission notes MUST be signed and returned to school BEFORE a child can depart on a trip. 


Camps from Year 4-6 is an important part of our curriculum. Our staff believe that the experiences children encounter during these events is invaluable and this is why they are prepared to take on the responsibility of the children away from home for these occasions.

Year 6 camp travels to Canberra and Sydney​ to further develop their knowledge of Leadership and Government. This camp is conducted from Monday to Friday in the third term. Cost for Camping and Canberra are additional to School fees.

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