Extra Curricula


Our school has a tradition of school choirs. We encourage all children to participate.  ​Choir is under direction of our Music Specialist. Choirs perform at assemblies, sacramental program Sundays, special liturgies and Catholic Colleges Eisteddfod.

Science Club

We offer children an opportunity to explore the marvels of Science. This activity is run by the Centre of Excellence for Science and Technology Education and comes to us on each week for an hour outside school hours​. Invitations are issued through the School Newsletter and places are given to those who nominate and make pay on a first-in-first served basis. Each term new groups form so any who miss out in term one have a chance in term two. Parents make necessary pick-up arrangements for their children.

Music Lessons

Individual music lessons (piano and guitar) are available at the school as an extra-curricula option. These lessons are conducted by professional qualified music teachers. Lessons may be individual or group and some may be during school time or after school. Contact the school office for further information.​

Chess Club

Chessmates run chess club on Wednesdays after school​​.  To enrol go to www.chessmates.com.au.