Japanese is taught in Years 3 to 6 and Prep. Prep students receive thirty minutes of Japanese per week. Students in Years 3 to 6 receive thirty minutes of Japanese per week. The Year 6 students receive one and a half hours of Japanese per fortnight. Year 6 students receive sixty minutes of Japanese per week.

The Key Learning Area of Languages provides students with an opportunity to develop a means of communication across cultures.

The learning outcomes are described in the single strand of Communication. Within this strand are the four macro skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

The students at Sts Peter and Paul’s are presented with a variety of learning experiences that encourage a sound development of these skills.

Topics covered in Japanese classes vary according to the needs of each class and according to topics being covered in other Key Learning Areas.

Learning the Japanese language gives students an insight into the rich and diverse culture of Japan. They gain an appreciation of ways of life, thinking and communicating that are different from their own.

Australian Curriculum.     


Various methods of assessment are applied throughout the year so that students can demonstrate in the various outcomes as specified in the Languages Years 3-6 Japanese Syllabus.

By the end of Year 6, students are expected to have achieved level one outcomes.


Students’ demonstrations of outcomes are registered in Student Reporting System. Further progress is thus recorded as the student moves through the school. Students are encouraged to monitor their progress through the learning outcomes which helps them to set suitable goals for their learning.


Information about Year 3 to 6 student’s progress is communicated to parents throughout the year. This includes a written report at end of each semester.