Religious Life of the School

​​The church of Sts Peter and Paul’s is situated centrally between the school play areas and the oval, providing a unique awareness of our membership within the Parish, and a constant reminder of our daily living out of Catholic, Christian relationships.
Students engage in a variety of prayer celebrations throughout their time at Sts Peter and Paul’s School:
Daily prayer occurs in each classroom. This includes such things as beginning and end of the day prayers, saying Grace before meals or engaging in a few minutes of Christian Meditation. Sacred spaces are created in each classroom and in the staff room. A cross or a crucifix is situated in each room and there are many sacred images and artworks displayed throughout the school.
Weekly school assemblies include a prayer lead by different year levels, as well as set prayers and songs. Often senior students will talk about social justice activities occurring in the school community. Assemblies are also opportunities to share highlights from classroom religion activities e.g. reading student-composed peace poems, or showing scarves they have knitted for the homeless people.
Whole school masses or liturg​ies occur a number of times throughout the year and mark major events in our church and school liturgical calendar. These include: the opening and closing of the year liturgies; Ash Wednesday and Easter Liturgies; our Sts Peter and Paul’s Feast Day Mass, which is celebrated on the last Thursday of Term 2; and Catholic Education Week liturgy. As a school, we also mark important events such as ANZAC Day, Sorry Day and Remembrance Day. The students take active leadership roles in these celebrations, acting as readers, altar servers, gift bearers and singers.

In addition to these whole school events, many other class prayer celebrations are held throughout the year, e.g. Mother’s and Father’s Day liturgies. Year level mass or liturgy celebrations are held each semester in the Church, with classes celebrating alongside parishioners, parents and friends. Classes are also invited to attend Parish Mass once a term on a Thursday morning and students in years 5 and 6 are invited to complete the Sacrament of Penance once a semester.

School Prayer

This is our school, Sts Peter and Paul's.
Let this be a place where we learn together for life.
May the love of God and others live here.
Let our school be a place where we always care for one another.

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