School Goals and Annual Improvement Plan

​​​​​School Annual Improvement Plan

​Sts Peter and Paul’s leadership team and staff draw upon Brisbane Catholic Education’s Annual Plan for Improvement, combining strategic initiatives and a clear direction for the school. The school annual improvement plan sets goals that are designed to build excellent learning and teaching, strengthen the Catholic Identity of the school, build professional capacity within staff and embed sustainable practices. ​

Learnin​g Tog​​​ether for Life

The Sts Peter and Paul's community emb​races a holistic education that encourages a life-long love​ of learning for our children, staff and parents. Our school is a faith community wherein each child reaches their full potential through the love of God, themselves and others.​


Our school strives to:

  • To create a safe, welcoming, secure and happy environment in which children, teachers and parents are treated with dignity and respect.
  • To provide access to a Christian education which is tolerant of others' beliefs and has a strong commitment to social justice and prayerful celebrations.
  • To offer a broad curriculum in which all students are challenged to develop a love of learning, have their needs acknowledged and their achievements celebrated.
  • To build a dynamic culture which maximises the talents of all community members and fosters partnerships in the ongoing education of all children.
  • To have professionally excellent teachers, inspired with love of all children, teaching and learning in a supportive, harmonious atmosphere.


Our school community values:

  • A love of God, self and neighbour 
  • Compassion, forgiveness and reconciliation 
  • Respect for individual differences 
  • Holistic education which is life-giving, life long and happily nurtured
  • The pursuit of excellence in all areas of the school
  • Opportunities for leadership and innovation among children, teachers and parents
  • Collaboration and co-operation across the school community
  • Collegial support for all staff
  • A welcoming community atmosphere
  • Understanding of rules, rights and responsibilities
  • Pride in achievement, personal appearance, our school, our suburb