Parents and Friends

​​Participation in the P&F is strongly encouraged. P&F meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month in the Good Samaritan Hall ​at 7.30pm. All parents are welcome to attend. In our school fees we have a non-refundable P&F levy and this allows the association to plan and budget each year. The P&F is an open forum for discussion, adult education, some fundraising and lots of social activities for both children and parents. The P&F is a wonderful support body to the staff and children.

Click here to contact a P&F executive commit​tee member for more information.

About the P&F

Have you ever wondered what is the P&F, what it does and why we even have or need one? Please contact a commitee member who will be able to provide you with all the answers.

The P&F AGM is held in October where all positions are declared vacant. We strongly encourage you to consider nominating for an executive position. To find out more information contact a current a committee member.


Click on the above link to visit The Federation of Parents and Friends Associations website.