Our tuckshop operates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week of each term. There is NO tuck shop on public holidays.

Tuckshop ordering is available online, and this is the preferred method of ordering, as it avoids the need to send money with children to the school. This system allows parents or students to place orders from home, work or school at any time before the 9am cut-off in the morning.

Getting online is easy and only takes a second to register.  Simply go to www.flexischools.com.au and click “Register Now”.  You will be sent an email with further instructions on how to complete the registration.  Once registered, you can start placing orders immediately. If you have any questions, FlexiSchools provide a great help desk on 1300 361 769, or you can contact them via their website.

There are a variety of payment options supported, including Visa, Mastercard (credit and debit), Bank Transfer and Payclick.  The system operates via a pre-paid account, so you don’t need to scrounge for coins in the morning and can easily budget for your tuckshop spending throughout the term. There is also an iPhone / iPad application available, which makes ordering on the run a breeze. Just go to the app store and search for Flexischools.

Alternatively, children bring their lunch orders clearly written on paper bags with the money inside the folded bag.

Ice blocks and cold drinks (no cans or glass bottles) are available from the Tuckshop ONLY at lunch time. The Tuckshop is run by a convenor and assisted by volunteer parents on a roster (the more helpers the better).

Sts Peter Paul's Tuckshop Menu 2017.pdf​