Information Communication and Learning Technologies

Using the Brisbane Catholic Education Strategic Directions as a guide, we aim to ensure that ICLT within our school is used in innovative, authentic and effective ways.  When planning, we take into consideration:  Learning Communities, Operational Efficiency, Agility and Innovation, Reliable and Adequate Access to set our students up to be members of an ICT Capable Community.

Students at Sts Peter and Paul’s experience technology as an integral part of curriculum. Digital learnings are imbedded into the life of our students as we recognise it as a vital Life Long Learning skill. It is important to acknowledge students as citizens in our global learning community and at Sts Peter and Paul’s, we do this by providing them with open-ended opportunities when using the internet and electronic devices.

Some of the devices we have on offer include:

·   Staff Laptop Program (each classroom teacher has their own laptop)

·   Implementation of a first class Wireless Network throughout the school

·   1:1 Laptops / iPads in Years 5 and 6

·   Bank of computers / iPads in each class from Years P-3

·   Interactive Televisions in Prep

·   Interactive Starboards from Years 1-4

·   Projectors from Years 5-7

·   Library technology devices (cameras, microscopes, microphones, timers, buzzers, Flip Minos etc)

1:1 Laptop / iPad ​Program

At Sts Peter and Paul’s, we currently have Years 5-6 working with our 1:1 Laptop Program. It is our belief that students need to be up to date with the ever changing world of technology that we live in, and providing children with their own individual laptop is the best way to immerse them in a device that allows them to explore across all curriculum areas. Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety are two integral parts of our program. Having implemented this program  in 2012, we believe the program has enhanced the students’ abilities to demonstrate and engage in skills such as:

  • Higher Order Thinking Skills

  • Personalised learning

  • Collaboration within the classroom & global community

  • Access to Information 24/7


ICLTs will continue to have priority at Sts Peter and Paul’s to enable students to be up to date with our ever changing technological world.