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In alignment with the Melbourne Declaration Goals for Young Australians the Sts Peter and Paul's approach to teaching and learning includes:

·    Promoting equity and excellence for all learners

·  ​​​​Enabling all students​ to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals; and active and informed citizens

·    Considers lifelong learning

·    Offers expanded opportunities within a variety of contexts

·    Encourages a flexible approach

·    Reflects a connected curriculum when and where appropriate and possible

·    Has Literacy, Numeracy and Information Communication Learning Technologies embedded in all curriculum areas.

Sts Peter and Paul's School plans, teaches, assesses and reports in alignment with the Australian National Curriculum and the Brisbane Archdiocesan Religion Curriculum.

Use of technological devices including; computers, tablets, cameras, microphones, iPods, digital microscopes and interactive whiteboards are embedded within teaching and learning. Students have access to a varied range of software to assist in research, skills practise and presenting and communicating their learning.

General classroom teachers teach Digital and Design Technologies, English, Health and Physical Education, Humanities and Social Science(HASS), Mathematics, Religion, Science and The Arts. Specialist teachers conduct classes in the areas of The Arts (Drama and Music) and Physical Education, while Japanese lessons are conducted from Years 2 to 6.