Fee and Finance Information

Fees and Charges

School Fees and Charges are set each year by the School Board. A copy of the Fees and Charges is sent home to every family as soon after the October Board meeting as is possible. Accounts are sent home at the beginning of each term. Parents are expected to pay these fees as they fall due in advance. There is a $50.00 late fee for unpaid fees.

Parents may choose to use the ADF Direct Deposit Facility which automatically pays fees on set dates. The Direct Debit forms are available from the school office.

It is school policy to collect all school fees. Concessions for genuine hardship will be considered by the Principal in total confidence and any arrangements arrived at will be reviewed each year.

Due to the amounts in outstanding accounts we have been forced to use a Debt Collector and this is our least favoured option.

Resource Levy

Our Resource Levy is apart from our school fees. Quality teaching and learning demands quality resources. Children use a wide range of materials during the year from play dough to calculators to computers. All classroom needs are paid for from this levy. As resources are required the class teacher will distribute them to children. For example, exercise books, pencils, rulers, rubbers, pencil sharpeners, art and craft requirements, etc. This levy helps pay for additions to the library, sports equipment, music and science materials and technology needs. There is no shopping list for parents.