​​Volunteers - Compulsory Student Protection and Code of Conduct Training. 

Volunteers play a critical role within daily school life at Sts Peter and Paul’s and their assistance is greatly appreciated. Assistance, whether it is as a volunteer in the classroom, tuckshop, excursions, working bees, P & F activities or sporting carnivals, enhances the quality of our student’s teaching and learning experiences.    

In Brisbane Catholic Education, our commitment to the protection of students is based in our belief that each person is made in the image of God, and our ethos is to provide a safe and supportive environment for all. All students have the right to expect that the school will always act to protect them from any kind of harm. 

Our greatest aim is to keep our children safe. We need to ensure that all our volunteers are trained in Student Protection issues and Code of Conduct.  This means that adults who come into contact with our students will be fully informed of their roles and responsibilities when working with students. 

All volunteers are required to: 
1.​ Download and read the Code of Code for Volunteers and Other Personnel.
2.​​​​​​     ​Complete the Volunteer Training online which includes various informative activities, videos and quizzes and takes ​less than 30 minutes to complete. Once you have completed the training, you must download and complete the ‘Volunteer and Other Personnel Registration Form’ and return this to school. You will need to download, print and complete your registration form, which is contained within your online training as proof of completion. Please return the completed form to the school office prior to commencing your role, as all volunteers must be registered with the school.   
This link takes you directly to the training page which provides access to the above steps.  
Parents/Guardians are not required to hold a ‘Blue Card’, however grandparents or other family or community members wishing to volunteer are required to obtain a volunteer ‘Blue Card’. 

Please let us know if you are having any trouble completing the training or printing the form or have any questions as administration staff are happy to assist.  

We have regular ‘non-parents’ who help and are valued as part of Sts Peter and Paul’s School community.  These people may be retirees or grandparents who have wonderful things to offer our students.   Additional step for Non-Legal Guardian Volunteers (this includes step-parents and grandparents of school students): 

3. All non-Legal Guardian volunteers (for example, step-parents and grandparents) must undergo employment screening and receive a positive notice Blue Card for Volunteers.  Under Legislation, this positive notice is an essential requirement for non-Legal Guardian volunteers. 

The non-Legal Guardian volunteer cannot be engaged by the school until the positive notice Blue Card is received.  For non-Legal Guardian volunteers to apply for a Blue Card, go to this website ​download the relevant Application Form for Volunteers (processed free of charge). Please be aware that all names of Registered Volunteers will be made available to interested parties of Sts Peter and Paul’s. Please contact the schools finance secretary if you require assistance with this process. 

Once registered as a volunteer, every time you visit Sts Peter and Paul's to work as a volunteer, you must report to the School Office to record your name, time of arrival/ departure and indicate that you are a registered volunteer within the school. If you are a non-Legal Guardian volunteer, you must also record your Blue Card number and its expiry date.  ​

Thank you very much for your co-operation and help with completing this. We look forward to seeing our volunteers at school.