​Teacher Qualifications

All teachers at Sts Peter and Paul's School have qualifications ranging from diplomas, graduate diplomas, graduate certificates and masters degrees in Education, Religious Education, Educational Leadership.

All School Officers have a Certificate III or IV in Education.

The majority of teachers have current First Aid and CPR qualifications.

Principal                                                           Sr Ann-Maree Nicholls, sgs
Assistant Principal – Religious Education            Mr Brendan Schostakowski
Assistant Principal – Administration                    Mr Damien Sullivan
Primary Learning Leader                                     Mrs Fran Wallin
Prep Red                                                            Ms Lyn Creevey
Prep Green                                                         Miss Leigh Carroll                                                         
Prep Blue                                                           Mrs Amanda Packer
Prep Yellow                                                         Mrs Reffeech Chalmers
Year 1 Red                                                          Mrs Carol Bradley                                                         
Year 1 Green                                                       Miss Libby Graham                  
Year 1   Blue                                                        Miss Alana Barns
Year 1 Yellow                                                       Mrs Katherine Shears    
Year 2   Red                                                         Ms Ange Barton / Mrs Megan van Dyk
Year 2   Green                                                      Ms Nikki Belej
Year 2 Blue                                                           Mrs Di Gordon
Year 2 Yellow                                                        Miss Rachael Reaves
Year 3 Red                                                            Ms Laura Bowles
Year 3 Green                                                         Mr Jake Knowles
Year 3   Blue                                                         Mrs Cynthia Richards
Year 3 Yellow                                                        Mrs Emma Lewis

Year 4 Red                                                            Mr Mark Stone
Year 4 Green                                                         Ms Bec Coen
Year 4   Blue                                                         Ms Sue Raymond  
Year 4 Yellow                                                         
Year 5 Green                                                          Miss Brooke Maguire
Year 5 Blue                                                            Mr Ben Lancaster        
Year 5 Red                                                             Mrs Katrina Scodellaro                                    
Year 6 Green                                                          Mrs Amy Luscombe
Year 6 Blue                                                            Ms Emma Barnes / Mrs Sheree Shelton

Support Teacher (Inclusive Education)                      Mrs Julie Thompson
Support Teacher (Inclusive Education)                      Mrs Nicole Jones
Guidance Counsellor                                              Miss Jackie Edwards
Teacher Librarians                                                  Mrs Trish Wilson / Mrs Sharon Mahoney
Technology Support Teacher                                    Mrs Trish Wilson
Music / Enrichment Teacher                                    Mrs Carolyn Burchill
Drama Teacher                                                       Mrs Alayna Foster
Physical Education Teacher                                     Mrs Lyndall Conaghan
LOTE (Japanese) Teacher                                        Mrs Helen Claes
ESL Teacher                                                           Ms Claire Ravenswood
Finance Secretary                                                   Mrs Donna Cowell
Secretary                                                                Mrs Jenny Williamson
Secretary & Workplace
   Health & Safety Officer                                          Mrs Kelly Lea
Secretary                                                                Mrs Deanna French
Secretary                                                                 Mrs Lisa Oberthur
School Officer – Prep Blue                                        Mrs Beth Bailey
School Officer – Prep Green                                      Mrs Andrea Tynan 
School Officer – Prep Red                                          Mrs Fran Wheatley
School Officer – Prep Yellow                                      Mrs Jenny Atkinson
School Officer – Library                                             Mrs Babette Brooks
School Officer – Library                                             Mrs Anne McEniery
School Officer                                                           Ms Marisa Bartlett
School Officer                                                           Ms Michelle Boyle
School Officer                                                           Mrs Mary Clarris
School Officer                                                           Mrs Annette Knott
School Officer                                                           Ms Jacinta Montgomery
School Officer                                                           Mrs Cathy Purcell
School Officer                                                           Mrs Carmel Rodney
School Officer                                                           Mrs Kylie Rogers
School Officer                                                           Mrs Lyn Walters
Groundsmen                                                             Mr Ian Stevenson
                                                                                Mr Kevin O’Loghlen
Tuckshop Convenor                                                   Mrs Christine Watt