Sts Peter and Paul's Staff

​​All teachers at Sts Peter and Paul's School have qualifications ranging from diplomas, graduate diplomas, graduate certificates and masters degrees in Education, Religious Education, Educational Leadership. All School Officers have a Certificate III or IV in Education. The majority of teachers have current First Aid and CPR qualifications.

20​20 Staff
​Principal (Acting)
​Mr Damien Sullivan
Assistant Principal (Acting)​​Mr Dean Estreich
Assistant Principal - Religious Educaiton ​
​Mrs Sarah Esbensen
​Primary Learnin Leader
​Mrs Fran Wallin

​Prep Blue
​Mrs Megan Van Dyk
​Prep Green
​Miss Lena Marsh
​Prep Red
​Ms Lyn Creevey
​Prep Yellow
​Mrs Alana Lancaster

​1 Blue
​Mr Simon Green
​1 Green
​Mrs Amy Luscombe
​1 Red
​Miss Katie Heide
​1 Yellow
​Mrs Carol Bradley

​​2 Blue
​Miss Shannon Byriel
​2 Green
​Mrs Katrina Scodellaro / Mrs Zoe Hampson
​2 Red
​Mrs Nikki Belej
​2 Yellow
​Ms Bec Coen

​3 Blue
​Ms Reffeech Box
​3 Green
​Mrs Alysha Limon
​3 Red
​Mrs Stephanie Schofield / Mrs Phoebe Berg
​3 Yellow
​Miss Brooke Maguire

4 Blue
​Mrs Di Gordon
​4 Green
​Mrs Christina Barron
​4 Red
​Ms Sue Raymond / Mrs Lizzy Potter
​4 Yellow
​Mrs Cynthia Richards

​5 Blue
​Mrs Kristal McKinlay / Mrs Ange Barton
​5 Green 
​Mr Mark Stone
​5 Red
​Mrs Emma Lewis

​6 Blue
​Mrs Leesa Henriksen
​6 Red
​Mrs Allina Young

​Music & Enrichment
​Mrs Carolyn Burchill
​Ms Alayna Foster
​HPE & Sport
​Mrs Lyndall Conaghan
​Prep Motor Program & ESL
​Mrs Megan Mobsby
​Mrs Angela Sheehan

​Support Teacher Inclusive Education
​Mrs Nicole Jones
​Support Teacher Inclusive Education
​Mrs Julie Thompson
​Literacy Enhancement Teacher
​Mrs Jacinta Igoe
​Literacy Enhancement Teacher
​Mrs Liz Burge
​Teacher Librarian
​Mrs Trish Wilson
​Guidance Counsellor
​Miss Kimberley Bock

​Finance Secretary
​Mrs Donna Cowell
​Mrs Jenny Williamson
​Mrs Kelly Lea
Mrs Deanna French
​Mrs Lisa Oberthur

​Workplace Health & Safety
​Mrs Kaylene Cooper

​Tuckshop Convenor
​Mrs Chris Watt