School Hours

​​​​​​Supervision of children begins at 8:20am each morning. If care is required before this time it is necessary for parents to enrol children in the Outside School Hours Care Program (OSHC) and pay the required fee.

Once children enter the school grounds, prep and year one students gather in the adventure playgrou​nd and students in years two to seven gather in the undercroft and hall. Parents and children are not permitted in classrooms without a teacher or member of staff being present.

Classes conclude each day at 3:00pm. After School, children waiting to be collected by parents should gather at the supervised pick up lines where they will be supervised until 3:20pm. Any children waiting after this time will be taken to the school office or sent to Outside School Hours Care. Parents who make alternate, out of sight, pick-up points do so in the full knowledge that their children are NOT teacher supervised.


Morning Supervision begins


School Bell - children line up in class groups


Session 1 begins


First Break Bell for Morning Tea


Session 2 begins


Second Break Bell for supervised lunch eating


Play time


Session 3 begins


School finishes